Till Meth Do Us Part – Drug War Stories (Ep. 3) with Alex Kreit

Alex Kreit,

Release Date
September 11, 2014


Criminal Justice

Sharing is caring. But not with drugs. If you’re caught sharing drugs with your friends, family, spouse or whatever, the police have you on distribution. So before you puff-puff- pass, listen to Professor Alex Kreit as he exposes some of the wildest drug loopholes that are already putting people behind bars.

There was a case of a husband and wife, and one of the two of them went out to go buy drugs, and the other one stayed home. And the person who went out to buy the drugs was getting them for the both of them. Went out, bought the drugs, came home, shared them with the spouse. The court said ‘that’s distribution.’ You’re disturbing the drugs to your spouse. And they’re not making any money on this, obviously, they’re just two users. But in the eyes of the law, that counts as distribution.

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