Environmental Protection: The Surprising Solution

What do environmental policy, the war on drugs, economics, subsidies and modern music have in common? Learn Liberty professors have addressed all these topics and more.

What sorts of countries cut down all their trees, pollute without thinking, and wipe out their animals? Prof. Antony Davies and many other professors have studied the best way to protect the environment, among other questions with the objective of finding out how to improve society. These professors discuss the sorts of rules that should be instituted to protect our environment. They have found over and again that economic freedom is the best indicator for environmental protection. Economic freedom enables people to make their own decisions, and countries with more economic freedom—rich and poor alike—take the best care of their natural resources. Have you also thought about these questions? Have you wondered how we can make society a better place? You may find the videos and other resources available through Learn Liberty helpful as you consider these issues and many others. “Give us three minutes and an open mind,” Prof. Davies says, “We’ll rock your world.”


  1. juliansfree

    Good overview, but I think there should be more multimedia for this to be convincing.

  2. kevinbuttrum

    Yes it is that simple. In Africa one of the best ways to save the near extinction of may animals was to have the villagers profit from animal kill permits. The villagers help stop the poachers, and made money at the same time. Many animals were saved by doing this. 

  3. Lukas Koube

    the problem with people who want the government to protect the environment is that  most politicians will sell off the environment for short term political gain. if you are a politician and you control 100 trees, you have an incentive to sell them off today and make allies for the next election. free markets do a much better job protecting the environment. 

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