Economics of Immigration: Myths and Realities

Prof. Ben Powell debunks the following three popular myths about immigration:

  1. Immigrants are a net drag on our economy
  2. Immigrants steal our jobs
  3. Immigrants depress our wages

Additionally, Professor Ben Powell examines how immigration is related to foreign aid, prosperity, property rights, crime, welfare, voting, citizenship, and more.

Credits: This lecture was delivered in 2009 at the Metropolitan State College of Denver School of Business, as part of the Exploring Economic Freedom Lecture Series, directed by Prof. Alexandre Padilla. This video was produced and directed by Scott Houck, and edited by Adrienne Christy. Video production provided by the Educational Technology Center at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Video used by Learn Liberty with permission.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sir, on your third point, back in the 80’s when the wages for almost all other American jobs were increasing, pay for construction work .. even  skilled "crew leaders" wages remained stagnant because of illegal immigrants willing to work for much lower wages. I am not putting out a theory but am speaking from absolute personal experience having gone through that period in that position with almost zero increase in pay. Meanwhile prices were constantly rising, medical costs were skyrocketing, insurance and housing costs were increasing almost daily. What pay increases I obtained during that period most of the time were enough to cover the increased premiums on my health insurance for me and my family. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those who say ship them all back, however, before any of those already in this country are legalized the flow of the illegals into the country must, I repeat, MUST be stopped. This makes perfect sense if you equate it to a leaking pipe in your house .. you don’t grab a mop first …. first you turn off the water … then you attempt to clean up the mess.

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