Economic Freedom and a Better Life

Economics professor Josh Hall explains that economic freedom leads to greater human well-being. If we look at average income, life expectancy, income of the poorest 10%, and other factors, we see that when governments let citizens make economic decisions for themselves, this leads to greater human flourishing.


  1. Marc Morris

    This is a great video. Kudos to Dr. Hall and the Learn Liberty team.

  2. Gary Livesey

    curious about life expectancy comparison of the bottom 10% of states rated by levels of economic freedom. The video didn’t include this, just the benefits of access to the political process and less corruption. 

  3. Kenny Legge

    Love this video.

  4. Sadaf Hussain

    Two examples I can think of are North and South Korea and East & West Germany. 

  5. juliansfree

    Inequality is not a problem. Perhaps libertarians should not treat it as one, even though all these facts are true.

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