Capitalism and the Family

Prof. Steve Horwitz discusses the relationship between capitalism and the family. Prior to capitalism, the primary purpose of families was production. Capitalism was the first economic system to enable individuals to form various types of associations, generating a more dynamic cultural evolution. The result of this process was a more moral and free family structure. The role of the family is not set in stone, as it continues to evolve in modern times.


  1. taschrant

    The Monty Python and the Holy Grail stuff is awesome!

  2. littledeaths

    The idea’s on the social aspects the author speaks of is are misguided. I would suggest reading the PIG guide on feminism, any Walter Williams articles on single parent families. Also look in to the government policies that caused for a great part the divorce rate’s and working conditions he speaks of.

  3. rjh245

    capitalism paved the way to the LGBT  lifestyle?

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