Are Entrepreneurs Modern Day Heroes?

Law professor Donna Matias defines an entrepreneur as someone able to identify and provide for an unmet need. In short, entrepreneurs are both problem solvers and wealth creators. Extremely successful entrepreneurs, therefore, are not evil. Rather, they are modern day heroes who have managed to effectively fulfill the needs of their consumers.


  1. jjustinwilson

    Etrepreneur are heroes. Everybody who had read Ayn Rand konws that.

  2. Daniel Pealer

    As long as they have gained and maintain their success through serving their customers they are heroic. The moment they turn to the government it becomes villainous.

  3. Matt Wavle

    Many people have this idea that in order for someone to win, someone else must lose.  That there is a finite sized pie.  Meeting a need should make both the consumer and the provider better off.

  4. gab912

    yes. this sounds like one of the other videos here in learnliberty…

  5. gab912

    Yes, they do. They make their work sound exhilarating and that their lives amazing.

  6. taschrant

    Entrepreneurs at least attempt to push the human race forward.  Being an entrepreneur takes courage.

  7. Gary Livesey

    regarding resentment of highly successful entrepreneurs, such emotion is understandable when considering human evolution. Most of human life was cooperative and the hunters shared their game, paternity was shared, and private property was in the distant future. Benevolence is how the successful gain approval

  8. borisjvandruff

    A dog bakery? How could they get away with that? It’s so cruel to the dogs! 😛

  9. asexymind

    Thank you Donna for championing those who want more to navigate the bureaucracy to become entrepreneurs or just entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs drive innovation and create wealth. We all benefit from this. Let’s focus on creating a bigger pie!

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