A Libertarian Pandemic Policy

Michael Huemer,

Release Date
April 28, 2021


Role of Government

All countries are facing the same crisis: Covid-19.

Lockdown, quarantine, closing business, closing borders, and so much more…

But what is the libertarian view over this whole quarantine crisis?

The massive power that governments are enjoying in today’s world does not make them more eligible to solve big crises. Many experts pointed out the fact that equipping governments with more power only makes them more sluggish.

We have seen this first-hand: the US and the UK have a comparatively worse track record of containing the disease, and it seems like they will also be worse in controlling the crashing recession that is closer to us every day. So… what do we have, then?

Learn Liberty spoke with Michael Huemer, a philosophy professor at the University of Colorado, about the libertarian response to COVID-19.

In this video, discover the answers to the following questions: What could a limited government solution look like? What role does individual responsibility play in a pandemic? What is a common solution that works in every setting?

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