5 Stupid Alcohol Laws in Virginia

Who knew “happy hour” was a banned term? Until 2014, it was illegal in Virginia for a bar to advertise “happy hours” or “drink specials” outside. Bar & restaurant owners still face onerous prohibitions on how they sell alcohol, from speaking about to serving it. Professor Antony Davies explains that these laws were made with noble intentions, such as as reducing drunk driving. Because regulators didn’t take into consideration the unintended consequences of their actions, however, these laws incentivize even more dangerous behavior.

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For more information about the specific laws Professor Davies discusses, visit the links below:
1. It’s illegal to hold happy hours after 9pm.
2. Rules on where and how “Happy Hours” can be mentioned/advertised**.
3. No alcohol sales from 2am-6am.
4. Sale of alcohol in “novel” or “unusual” containers is prohibited.
5. Touching your own butt in a bar is against the law.

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