David Green

Statewide Organizing Director

David Green grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts, and attended Amherst College in western MA where he majored in both Mathematics and Theater. After graduating, David volunteered as a Deputy Chapter Lead at Voter Choice Massachusetts, building grassroots support and donations for the MA RCV movement. David was also a co-founder of the MA Yang Gang.

More recently, David worked as a National Organizing Director at Rank the Vote, working with many state partners to build up grassroots movements around ranked-choice voting. He knows no greater thrill than picking up a sign and some clipboards, meeting up with energized volunteers, and spreading the word about democratic reforms. Before Rank the Vote, he was a Data Analyst at CareDash, a healthcare directory site.

David is a recent transplant to Troy, NY. He loves singing, board games, running, Trader Joe’s, and meeting people.

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