Colin Mortimer

Director of the Center for New Liberalism

Progressive Policy Institute

Colin Mortimer is the Director of the Center for New Liberalism at PPI, which seeks to develop a salient identity around the center-left values that have increasingly come under fire in this age of populism. As Director, the Center for New Liberalism has developed a network of tens of thousands of individuals worldwide advocating for issues such as pragmatic governance, zoning reform, carbon taxation, and more in their communities. Also, he is the Board Member in New Democracy, which is a “home base” and support network for pragmatic Democratic leaders – governors, mayors, state officials, and Members of Congress. Its mission is to expand the party’s appeal across Middle America and make Democrats competitive everywhere.

Before joining PPI, Mortimer was a consultant at Bates White Economic Consulting and a research assistant at the University of Connecticut.

Colins holds B.A. in Economics Mathematics-Statistics from the University of Connecticut.

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