Abigail Hall Blanco

Associate Professor Economics

Bellarmine University

Abby Hall is an Associate Professor of Economics at Bellarmine University and a senior affiliated scholar with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Also, she is an affiliated scholar with the Foundation for Economic Education, a Senior Fellow at the Pegasus Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, and a Research Fellow with the Independent Institute based out of Oakland, California. Previously Abby was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Tampa.

Professor Hall is the author of scholarly articles in such journals as Public Choice, Defence and Peace Economics, Advances in Austrian Economics, Review of Austrian Economics, The Independent Review, Atlantic Economic Review, and The Journal of Private Enterprise. And her popular articles have appeared in Newsweek, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The American Thinker, and the nationally-syndicated McClatchy-Tribune News Service. She is also the recipient of the William P. Snavley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, the Association of Private Enterprise Young Scholar Award (2013, 2014, 2015), and the Don Lavoie Memorial Essay Competition Award.

Professor Hall’s broader research interests include Political Economy and Public Choice, Market Process Economics, Defense and Peace Economics, and Institutions and Economic Development. Her work contains topics surrounding the U.S. military and national defense, including domestic police militarization, arms sales, weapons as foreign aid, the cost of military mobilization, and the political economy of military technology.

Abby holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Economics from George Mason University and a B.A. in economics and business administration with an additional concentration in mathematics from Bellarmine University.