In association with Learn Liberty, Professor Steve Horwitz will be addressing Reddit for an AMA to talk about the success of his recent article for, “There is No Such Thing as Trickle-Down Economics,” the gender wage gap controversy, and more!
Professor Horwitz is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, and an Affiliated Senior Scholar at the Mercatus Center in Arlington, VA. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute in Canada and a Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is the author of three books, Monetary Evolution, Free Banking, and Economic Order (1992), Microfoundations and Macroeconomics: An Austrian Perspective (2000), and most recently, the excellent Hayek’s Modern Family: Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions (2015).
He has written extensively on Austrian economics, Hayekian political economy, monetary theory and history, American economic history, the economics of gender, and the evolution of the family as a social institution. His work has been published in professional journals such as History of Political Economy, Southern Economic Journal, and The Cambridge Journal of Economics, and he has authored nationally-recognized public policy research on Hurricane Katrina.
The AMA session is scheduled to begin next Thursday, October 13th at 3:00pm EST on the /r/IAmA Reddit community.
If you have questions for Professor Horwitz, but you’re not a Reddit user, you can also log into the Learn Liberty Community forums through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account, and share your questions here for the Learn Liberty team to ask on your behalf during the AMA.