The festive season is underway and for many people that means an increased consumption of alcohol. Staff holiday parties, friends’ Christmas parties, and — of course — New Year’s Eve are all classic occasions to knock back a few drinks and celebrate the season. But as professor Antony Davies explains in the video below, many states have stupid alcohol laws that give the festive season a hangover.

In Virginia, for instance, bars that serve alcohol must end their discounted-price “happy hours” by 9 pm. Legislators intend this rule to limit the consumption of alcohol as the night goes on, reducing the amount of drunk driving on the roads. Though well-intended, this law actually leads people to purchase several drinks at 8:55 pm then leave when they’re finished, increasing the amount of drunk driving. Professor Davies also runs through four other examples of counterproductive – and bizarre – Virginia alcohol laws.

“Sadly, well-intentioned laws often achieve results that are pretty dumb,” concludes Professor Davies. A great topic of conversation at your next happy hour!