Cory Eucalito

Learn Liberty: First, when did you join the Learn Liberty team and what is your role?
Cory Eucalitto: Spring 2014. I was originally hired to produce Learn Liberty videos, but now work on our Learn Liberty programs team. There, I help create online courses and programs, and am thinking about ways to re-shape the Learn Liberty experience to better meet our users’ needs.

LL: How did you find your way to the philosophy of liberty? Are there any thinkers in particular that got the ball rolling?
CE: I was a staunch neo-conservative before anything else politically. I think that had quite a bit to do with the time that I first became politically aware, around 9/11 and the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I started to become more libertarian around the time of the 2008 financial crisis, thanks to websites like,, and others. In terms of specific thinkers, Ayn Rand’s novels were some of the first “libertarian” pieces that I read. They had a huge impact on my thinking at that time, although my outlook on her work has changed quite a bit since then.

LL: What are you reading right now?
CE: “The Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood. Pretty good stuff.

LL: What’s your favorite Learn Liberty video and why?
CE: “How Did They Survive the Oregon Trail?” I love the animation and the music. The ideas presented fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but make perfect sense.

LL: If you could have a lively dinner conversation with any three classically liberal thinkers, living or dead, who would they be?
CE: Frederick Douglass, Thomas Sowell, and Thomas Jefferson.

LL: What music have you been listening to lately?
CE: I listen to just about anything everyday – rock, blues, soul, bluegrass, and more. But the last playlist I created in Spotify was of Jimmy Buffett music, to pretend it isn’t already cold outside.

LL: If you were in charge of government and had the power to unilaterally change one government policy permanently which one would you change and why?
CE: I’d end immigration restrictions. If I were Dictator of the World, I’d do it globally. We’d all be a heck of a lot better off if this were the case.

LL: What does liberty mean to you in one sentence?
CE: Liberty is leaving people free to make the world a better place.

LL: What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year?
CE: Mad Max: Fury Road

LL: Do you have a favorite pro-liberty quote?
CE: “We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage.” – F.A. Hayek