Oppressive taxation. Forcible quartering of soldiers in civilian homes. Lack of representation in government. What happens when a small group of rebels decide to declare freedom from the most powerful government in the world?

The story of the American Revolution seems so second nature to many people that one may disregard the notion of listening to the story told once more. Yet, this moment in time is quite significant and must not be overlooked.

We’re excited, therefore, to announce Learn Liberty’s second podcast: a brief, insightful, and stimulating journey into how the United States was founded with Professor Sarah Burns.
Professor Burns cuts through what your high school history teacher taught you and helps build a better understanding about this historically important event- in less than 20 minutes.

We Know How You Must Be Feeling:

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Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Up next, there will be an exploration on the topic of Foreign Policy.
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