Christmastime isn’t just about giving presents and sleeping in all morning. For many, it means boozy holiday parties and a chance to kick back a beer (or three) with family and friends. But holiday brews aren’t cheap—and it’s not the alcohol that makes them so expensive.
In the video below, George Mason University Professor Christopher Koopman points out that beer is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. The government has a say in the production and sale of the final product in our hands—even our consumption of it. We bear the cost of these regulations through taxes. For each beer we consume, 44 percent of the price we pay goes toward federal, state, and local taxes. So when you pay $10 for a winter lager at your local bar, you’re sending almost five dollars to the government.
As Koopman explains, getting rid of these regulations would lead more breweries to enter the market, increasing competition and driving down prices. This would mean more options at a lower cost for consumers. In other words, no more overpriced beers! That’s a gift everyone can appreciate.
Merry Christmas from Learn Liberty!