The world is still reeling from the recent ISIS terrorist attack in Paris that left 130 dead and 352 injured. Many are left wondering, why did this happen? and what are the ramifications?

In the video below, George Mason University professor Christopher Coyne attempts to answer these questions in 90 seconds. He argues that the attacks occurred partially because of France’s meddling in West Asia. This is proven by ISIS warning of more attacks if France continues its “crusader campaign” in the region. He argues the attacks are also partially because of hatred of France’s Western values. This is proven by ISIS justifying the attacks because Paris is “the capital of prostitution and vice.”

Professor Coyne explains that though the terrorist attacks are over, their ramifications – including the curbing of civil liberties – have only just begun. He advises French policymakers to remember the advice of Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, who counseled against the urge to hastily “do something” in response to a national emergency and instead remember our principles of freedom and individual rights. Otherwise, we risk adopting some of the authoritarian traits of our enemy.