April Fools! Learn Liberty is back in charge, and everything the Department of Careful Communications (DCC) said about censoring and redacting our content is moot.
Learn Liberty believes that the most effective way to challenge assumptions and refine ideas in a free society is to engage in respectful but frank dialogue—conversations in which we are open to the perspectives of others, no matter how much we might disagree. You can learn more about how free speech can shape a society here.
The Department of Careful Communications (DCC) would like to apologize on behalf of Learn Liberty’s subversive and inflammatory program entitled “America’s Health Care System.”
The program contains opinions which do not represent the views of some Americans, and are therefore offensive. The program also mistakenly fails to take into consideration the feelings of those who may not have had health insurance before the government stepped in.
Additionally, the DCC is concerned about the dangerously optimistic perspective of the program, which alleges that innovation and personal choice could help resolve problems in the American health care system.
The DCC is disappointed that Learn Liberty is choosing long-term, sustainable solutions over temporary stop-gap measures intended to help citizens now, which are supported by many Americans and trusted members of the pharmaceutical industry.
Finally, the DCC condemns the subversive nature of the program’s claims, which downplay the government’s role in providing affordable health care to some Americans. Specifically, the DCC is working to address a blog post which criticizes the outcomes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) up until this point.
The DCC recognizes that the ACA has disappointed many people and left them with expensive or non-existent plans. The government, however, is the only entity that has taken any action to ameliorate a system that was broken before. In situations where government intervention has created a complex and unnavigable system of regulations, it is only right that the government steps up with more regulation to improve the system further. Therefore, the federal government will continue to work toward a centrally planned system, no matter the human or financial costs it incurs.
Allegations have also been brought to the attention of the DCC that some individuals are being harmed by government health care, either through high deductibles, rising premiums, less choice in health care providers, or dropped coverage. The DCC believes that these individuals are subversive, anti-government radicals who are putting their own needs before the government’s well-intentioned efforts to help other citizens. These individuals must be stopped for the greater good of the nation.
Given that the federal government is working hard to successfully ensure the happiness and wellbeing of all American citizens, and that criticism of such work is detrimental to the progress of the government’s plans, the DCC will censor and eventually remove all communications that oppose government-driven health coverage.
Therefore, effective April 1, 2016, any citizen who posts opinions which could be construed as opposing government-mandated health care will be subject to a fine of up to $500 or up to 30 days in jail.
The DCC appreciates your patience and cooperation in this matter as it works to remove any offensive, negative, and subversive content around this difficult and inflammatory topic.