A California sheriff’s deputy was arrested in Pennsylvania in December as part of a drug bust that seized over $2 million dollars in marijuana. That’s right, the deputy was arrested trying to sell millions of dollars of a substance his department has likely put other people in prison for selling.

Countless stories of police officials being caught in drug stings can be found across the web. As recently as December 3rd, a former NYPD “Cop of the Year” was arrested on coke-trafficking charges. This hypocrisy seen among our nation’s police forces makes us question once again, what is the war on drugs accomplishing?

Learn Liberty has covered this topic extensively. In fact, we’ve put together a playlist of 27 videos that relate directly to the war on drugs. We’ve covered every aspect of the drug war here in our studios: from mandatory minimum sentencing, to stagnating medical progress, and even corrupt and unconstitutional behavior by law enforcement. Take a few minutes to watch a few of our videos, and let us know your thoughts on the drug war.