No matter what our views on U.S. foreign policy, Memorial Day is traditionally a time where we put aside our differences and remember those who sacrificed their lives while in service to our country.
But as we honor them, we cannot forget that it’s also our responsibility to prevent as many future deaths in our armed forces as possible.
According to Peter Jaworski, a professor of business ethics at Georgetown University, there’s one surprising but effective way to do this: boosting our international trade. Countries that trade with each other, Jaworski observes, are less likely to go to war because they don’t want to disrupt the benefits that each country is gaining from trade.
At a time when so many policymakers and commentators are criticizing free trade policies, let’s remember that this isn’t just a financial issue or a business issue. It’s a deeply human debate, one that could mean the difference between life and death for our servicemen and women.
Are we really willing to let any one of them put his or her life at stake unnecessarily?