Football Law: Changing the Rules of the Game

What happens when the rules of a game change?

One of the most important parts of playing a game like football is that the rules remain predictable and consistent for all players. However, this doesn’t just apply to touchdowns and tackles – the rule of law is crucial to a well-functioning free market. The question at hand is whether or not this really does exist in the US; or are the rich and powerful benefitting from hiring lobbyists to get what they want and to protect themselves? In this video, learn from Professor Steve Horowitz what happens when the Rule of Law changes. What is the impact on our society, the economy, and YOUR life?


  1. IraPaul

    With all due respects Professor Horowitz, you failed to present to me a cogent and consistent video.  Obviously I could be wrong.  I am new to this site.  So, I would like you to help me Learn Liberty.  You say, “Watch and learn from Professor Steve Horowitz what happens when the Rule of Law changes and its impact on our society, the economy, and YOUR life.”  No where in your video do you make the point that some changes in society, the economy, or life, are good changes.  For example, in football the change to allow the forward pass.  Or in society the change to disallow segregation.  Or in life, the change to add descriptions of what is in the food we buy to packaging so we can make more informed purchasing decisions.   The reason I post this comment is that I think, for me at least, it would be more helpful if I understand how one figures out what changes in society, the economy, or life are good changes and which ones are bad changes.  Thank you.

  2. Stephen Dincher

    Good changes are those brought about freely to meet consumer demand. Bad changes are those the government forces you to make. If you watch other Learn Liberty videos, you’ll see.

  3. Vinay Cardwell

    Economies, financial systems, and sports are all based on trust. In a trust economy we need to have a sense of certainty that the rules will not change half way through and that a rule of law is established to do so. That we we avoid having a dictatorial commissioner altering the playing field to favor one team over another. 

  4. Frank Roberts

    I was watching a football game tonight.  Football has a lot of rules.  They now have a rule that you cannot dunk the football.  If we believe the State cannot make rules for the Individual then how can we justify so many rules in Football.  Wouldn’t the game be better with few rules?  If so, why doesn’t it happen?  

  5. Grady Flanagan

    Comparing the economy to football is kind of simplistic. The role of rules in football is to protect and maintain profits. The reason they limit celebrations is that those celebrations turn some people off, so they keep things like that down.

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