Economic Freedom: Does Child Labor Help Children in Poverty?

Does child labor help the children in poverty who work because they need that extra income to support their families? What are the alternatives? Could the power of free markets eventually raise their living standards? Economics Professor Benjamin Powell offers up a surprising analysis.

Donald Broms More than 1 year ago
This is the worst one yet!  Attempting to justify child labor as a means to an end of increasing wages at a state level and controlling costs for greed stricken businesses that know no patriotism.  Absurd!  The United States developed child labor laws because businesses lacked the integrity to correctly hire and compensate an employee-base given the opportunity of increasing margins with the available, cheaper, and more controllable child labor.  And once again, you craft an extremely high level message that ignores the abhorrent conditions that those children are forced to work in, often at gun point (e.g., 289 burned to death on Karachi, another 25 in Lahore on the same day to name just a couple).  Why on earth, given the years of groping to discover an appropriate solution to labor in the U.S., would anyone preach something so arcane?  Because he has to justify such atrocity in order to perpetuate it?  There is nothing OK about displacing an adult factory worker in one country with a child from another and paying them such a meager wage. That is strictly greed driven.  I had to laugh out loud when you cited the daily wage that Hanes is paying these children.  If companies were forced to pay even half the wages of the labor market they are abandoning, there wouldn't be one child in these factories.  But you discount that as the ends, justified by the horrible atrocity of destroying entire labor markets, and waiting patiently for the century or so that it takes of the depressed labor markets to rise? What was the commensurate wage of the U.S. Citizen that once manufactured Hanes?  Minimum wage? $10/hour?  How many of the companies that have embraced the offshore sweatshop labor mentality have offered wages commensurate with the workers they have abandoned? And it's OK that a child is now doing it for as many pennies?  Despicable....and even more despicable that you would sell your name and education out to such greed stricken propaganda.  That from a businessman and conservative.  Never would I allow myself to take advantage of people the way you are so eager to justify.  Despicable.
Tim Eagle More than 1 year ago
Great message that I had not considered....

glenn More than 1 year ago
This video is not working on  the site for me also.
By the way thanks for the "Were there is liberty there is my country" tee shirt.
Trent Goldsmith More than 1 year ago
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Trent Goldsmith More than 1 year ago
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Trent Goldsmith More than 1 year ago
Thanks for fixing it and, more importantly, thank you for the info. In our fight for free markets and people ruling their own lives, this is priceless!