You Won’t Believe Why These 3 People Were Sentenced to Life

A single mother addicted to drugs. A man so desperate to pay for medical treatment that he tried unsuccessfully to sell methamphetamines. A guy busted for selling LSD and another who got in trouble for selling marijuana.  One thing all four of these victims of the drug war have in common is that they’ve been sentenced to spend many years in jail, regardless of whether the judges of their cases even wanted that outcome. Listen to Alex Kreit, professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, explain why people like these can face jail time more than twice as long as if they’d hijacked an airplane, detonated a bomb in public, or even committed second-degree murder.


  1. juliansfree

    This is unconscionable. I am as right-wing as they come, but this travesty has to end.

  2. Anonymous

    The GREATEST THREAT to our lives and liberty comes from those who pose in front of the American flag. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

  3. Anonymous

    Do you consider William F. Buckley, Jr, (R.I.P.) and George F. Will “liberals?” Check out their stance on drug prohibition. Thank you.

    p/s LSD is NOT an addictive drug. The SAME government that dosed UNSUSPECTING subjects for sinister mind-control experiments (MK-ULTRA) now puts people in CAGES for having sold to WILLING BUYERS. Where is there justice? NOT IN THE U.S.A.!

  4. Hunter Markson

    If only drugs were made legal

  5. Lukas Koube

    this is disgusting. 

  6. Lukas Koube

    yup, non-violent drug sellers are getting more jail time than rapists. 

  7. Anonymous

    Stupid liberals.

    The man who sold drugs to save his precious child had no qualms about poisoning other peoples children. Rot in prison you scum!
  8. David Cohen

    More good examples of an unfair and unjust system. 

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