Why Should Liberals Like Libertarian Ideas?

Are you a liberal? If so, Dr. Stephen Davies provides a few compelling reasons to consider libertarianism. For instance, both liberals and libertarians want to eliminate poverty and offer more opportunities to the population at large. Liberals and libertarians also emphasize the importance of freedom and human well-being. From a libertarian perspective, government is not the answer to these problems. In fact, libertarians view concentrated political power as the single largest threat to individual liberty. They also see wealth as a liberating force, creating more choices and opportunities for all people.


  1. GreedyCapitalistPig

    Most Liberals believe 1) freedom is important 2) human well-being is important 3) poverty should be reduced/eliminated 4) we should increase options and opportunities to the entire population. 
    You should be a Libertarian. Check out the video.

  2. qazz42

    Interesting thing, talk with most liberals, and not the crazy partisan DNC shill ones, and you find they are pretty libertarian and there is a lot of common ground. The two party system just sends them to pure left vs right

  3. cmjohnson732

    I feel like most liberals are in favor of more freedom, right up until they are not.

  4. taschrant

    I feel like liberals favor social freedom, but shun economic freedom.  Vice-versa with conservatives.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, wealth would be “a liberating force, creating more choices and opportunities for all people.” If the wealth was not going overseas and into the bonuses of the wealthiest few, while they outsource and pay low wages. It just isn’t as black and white as this article says it is. Love, a liberal. 🙂

  6. jcrescenzo

    Roxanne blame big government and regulations on wealth going overseas and the low wages. It is easy to make false claims and provide no source to these ignorant false personal views from a liberal. So what would be the solution Roxanne Tamberen? Love, reality. 🙂

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