Why Should Conservatives Like Libertarian Ideas?

Are you a conservative? If so, Dr. Stephen Davies suggests that it may be worth considering the ideas of libertarianism. For instance, conservatives tend to prefer institutions that have been tried and trusted, and want to maintain and uphold a traditionally established way of life. They also typically believe in an established or correct moral code. However, it does not logically follow that government should enforce all of these things. In fact, government enforcement of morals and traditions is often detrimental to both.


  1. taschrant

    Who is more dangerous?  Today’s conservatives or liberals?  Ayn Rand said that conservatives were more dangerous.  Good video!

  2. juliansfree

    “It’s less pleasing to God” is not a good argument.

  3. juliansfree

    Ayn Rand makes it the clearest, although Lord Acton had great insights. One key is to identify that force is the opposite of thinking and thus of human values, which come from reason. She had a great quote, to paraphrase, “What is the value of a picture gallery [e.g., morality] at the price of cutting out man’s eyes? [force]”

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