Who favors more freedom, liberals or conservatives?

Prof. Antony Davies analyzes the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives. He then proposes an alternative method of viewing political issues, which looks at policies and their respective impact on individual freedom. Prof. Antony Davies concludes that the conventional liberal/conservative dichotomy encourages us to ignore first principles, and hence, overlook contradictory views.


  1. Anonymous

    This defense works well with people who view things philosophically. What are some better ways to persuade others toward liberty when they do not view politics or society in such intellectual-philosophical ways?

  2. taschrant

    That was a great expansion off of Marshall Fritz’s Shortest Political Quiz.  Cool!

  3. supersonicsixteen

    Marrying a goat.  That would be a bad choice.  

  4. Anonymous

    While this video is good, with a good analysis the placement of gay “marriage” under more freedom is looking at only one side of the issue. First of all  gay “marriage”  is actually an effort to redefine what marriage is and then to force that redefinition on those that disagree with it. Second it includes taking away the religious and economic freedom of Business men that have religious objections to gay “marriage”   So in reality gay “marriage” is in many way economically and socially anti-freedom. 

    A correct liberty view of gay “marriage” would be to allow same sex couples to have ceremonies and call them selves married if they wish but don’t force any one else to recognize them as such.   

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