What’s So Great about Economic Freedom?

Economic freedom is about the freedom to buy and sell things, says Professor Antony Davies, but it’s also about the freedom to interact with people, to converse with others, to travel, and to say what we want to say. Evidence shows that economic freedom is associated with many positive things in society. This holds true among states in the United States and across the countries of the world.
Countries that have more economic freedom also tend to have higher GDP per capita. They tend to take better care of the environment. They also tend to have less child labor and more gender equality. Prof. Davies examines the data on these factors and several of the arguments people have raised about the data to show the many benefits of economic freedom. Economic freedom is about being free to make your own choices. It allows us to:
– Do what we love
– Create wealth
– Protect the environment
– Improve equality
– End child poverty


  1. Matt Wavle

    I would ask instead, what is so great about everything the State uses our money for?

  2. Brian Phillips

    Through increased taxes and regulation we are very rapidly losing our economic freedom.  Where will we be a decade from now?

  3. Carl Andersen

    America needs to cut spending!

  4. Alex Moscoso

    interesting stats. seems you have your bases covered.

  5. Tim Eagle

    And de-regulate,  de-cronyise, and end the federal banking system to allow competitive money supply to rise again. Central banks make the matters worse, and push the problem on to the n ext generation .

  6. cmjohnson732

    That was a really cool video…until the end.

  7. Grady Flanagan

    You guys should provide some links to these studies. That would help us out a lot

  8. GeF

    Freedom , don’t just talk about it, give it a go

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