What You Should Know About School Choice

Are you skeptical of school choice programs? Do words like private schools, charter schools, vouchers, and tax credits make you uneasy? If so, Prof. Angela Dills argues that there are four things that you should know about school choice before dismissing it as a viable improvement to our education system:

  1. School choice doesn’t require parents to bear the full cost of educating their child.
  2. School choice lowers the cost of schooling.
  3. School choice raises the quality of schooling.
  4. Low income and minority students are more likely to benefit from school choice programs.
Dills argues that the American education system is failing our children. We have thrown money at the problem for years with little or no effect. School choice, when it has been tried, has lowered the cost of schooling while maintaining, or even improving, the quality of education.


  1. [email protected]

    online education, modular education, distance high schools, home schooling, family co-ops, and the list goes on. These options were under fire by political regulators in the 80s and 90s but they won the war. Now they are proving to be far better for students than traditional education. Public high schools should be thankful for parents who are willing to choose non-traditional forms of education for their children because it shrinks (by a small margin) class sizes. 

  2. Brian Phillips

    Government needs to get out of the education business.  Period.  

  3. minaobe

    We could turn the old school buildings into homeless rehabilitation centers and such.

  4. Anderson Chaves

    Awesome! I think we don’t have those charter schools in Brazil. It is a good alternative.

  5. kevinbuttrum

    Good video. 

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