What Wasn’t Said in “Wealth Inequality In America”

Wealth inequality may be REAL, but is it FAIR? And what does it mean for a society to be fair? Learn Liberty asked these questions to two professors — a libertarian (Professor Steve Horwitz), and an opposing philosopher (Professor Jeffrey Reiman) — in a debate on inequality in America.   See the full debate: http://lrnlbty.co/YReLRm

The distribution of wealth in America is dramatically lopsided towards the 1% – a point vividly demonstrated in “Wealth Inequality in America,” and agreed upon by both professors. For many, there is something intuitively and philosophically unfair about this inequality. “We are the 99%!” is a mantra of Occupy Wall Street’s dissatisfaction, and a protest against America’s status quo.

“Wealth Inequality in America” draws a striking picture, but is that the whole story? What does wealth inequality say about the economic health of America’s poor and middle class? After all, isn’t the welfare of the poor and middle class a much better indication of a fair society than how wealth is divvied up among classes?

Professor Horwitz says that “Wealth Inequality in America” a misses a central point: do the poor in our society regularly lift themselves out of poverty? “How easy is it, or how difficult is it, for folks who start off poor, to no longer be poor?”

Check out the full debate to hear Professor Reiman’s response to Horwitz’s arguments about wealth in America: http://lrnlbty.co/YReLRm.


  1. Matt Wavle

    Individual Income Mobility is so much more important to me than comparing myself to Bill Gates.  Teaching envy is a tool to keep people in perpetual "victimhood" status.

  2. Emerson Howard

    We need to focus more on income mobility and absolute wealth rather than income inequality. Humanity continues to advance as fewer and fewer people live in impoverished conditions. Everyday I am grateful for the way capitalism has allowed us to rise up from the dust. Poverty is our natural state, our starting point. Prosperity is our goal, the unnatural condition, and it will only be achieved through an empowering and dignifying system like capitalism. 

  3. GeF

    many poor think things can’t change

  4. Hunter Markson

    Every person was born with $0.  People must be able to move between income brackets

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