What is “Libertarian”?

Are we living in the “libertarian moment”? What is a libertarian, anyway?

With prominent libertarian figures like Ron Paul, John Stossel, Penn Jillette, and even Ron Swanson, and libertarian-leaning figures like Rand Paul, now is the time to answer: what is libertarianism? And what does it mean to be libertarian?

Libertarians believe a lot of things that might seem counterintuitive to the traditional labels of “liberal” or “conservative”. Libertarians are for both gay rights and gun rights, and are against both drone wars and drugs wars. But these ideas aren’t new— they’re part of a long tradition called classical liberalism. Starting with political philosophers and economists like John Locke and Adam Smith, continuing with economists like Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek, and carried on today by modern classical liberals: libertarians.

Join Professor Nigel Ashford in Learn Liberty’s On Demand program, “What is Libertarian”, to learn more about who libertarians are, what they believe, and the evolution of their intellectual tradition.

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