We Demand Freedom: Popular Movements for Liberty in U.S. History

According to Dr. Stephen Davies, the tea party movement in the United States is not an isolated occurrence in American history. Rather, it’s part of a recurring movement in American history that ebbs and flows. These movements are peculiar, however, as they are unique to the United States. Dr. Stephen Davies offers several ideas as to why these movements exist in America.


  1. GreedyCapitalistPig

    A good argument for one of the reasons for American exceptionalism if I ever heard one.

  2. taschrant

    Very interesting!

  3. GeF

    Go Jefferson

  4. diamond_max

    That is why history is important; events (tea party) repeat themselves.

  5. diamond_max

    The ideology repeats itself.

  6. diamond_max

    Feds and anti-feds; we just need balance.

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