Virtue & Vice at Mardi Gras | Off the Clock Economist Explains

Off the Clock Economist Dan D’Amico gallivants through Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans. Discover what Balinese cock fighting and lavish parades in the French Quarter have in common: keeping corruption low and citizen cohesion high.

Did you know that the breasts, beads, and booze of New Orleans point to something else than just a party? This famous get-together builds social capital and local knowledge through “deep play”. Get to know the culture and community that comes with one city’s most legendary party as Professor D’Amico leaves the podium to dig into the economics of a topic untouched by the classroom.


  1. russellherbst

    great video. just keep putting out austrian stuff and I will be happy.

  2. libertyiowa

    So is the suggestion that New Orleans is less corrupt than other big cities? That doesn’t seem to be the case:

  3. andrei.roibu

    Mardi Gras as well as countless other traditions around the world, bring people from a community together. Despite this, many local traditions are in danger nowadays from the invasion of more modern, more commercial ones, 

  4. Island_danni

    So are you saying that events such as Mardi Gras and the resulting "social capital" can actually lower crime and bring cities closer together?

  5. LeaJohnson

    I like to think that New Orleans is less corrupt due to their reliance on reputation and word of mouth to attract tourists and retain locals. Similar to the "we love locals" campaign in Las Vegas, treating your customers better than your competitors will do you well. And, most of us here know that government does anything but treat citizens like customers

  6. Autumn Reed

    I thought Mardi Gras was related to La Semana Santa, Catholicism, and the Death/Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  7. Alvaro Fuentes


  8. Kenny Legge

    interesting. This guy is really awesome. I have been surfing his videos and they are all very insightful.

  9. Lukas Koube

    i try to keep track of all the authors and books that get referenced, but i wonder if these professors might put out their own list of books and why they like them….it might be interesting 😀

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