Top Five Libertarian Books

Dr. Stephen Davies describes the difficulty in selecting the top five libertarian books, and therefore, decides to select two books for his first book recommendation. Below are his recommendations:

  1. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill & The Sphere and Duties of Government by Wilhelm von Humboldt
  2. The Use of Knowledge in Society by Friedrich Hayek
  3. The Structure of Liberty by Randy Barnett
  4. Norms of Liberty by Douglas B. Rasmussen and Douglas J. Den Uyl
  5. Robust Political Economy by Mark Pennington


  1. russellherbst

    Out of the five I have read the first two (or one). These make great primary documents in teaching situations.

  2. Anonymous

    sorry. Human Action – Mises, For a new liberty- Rothbard, Myth of mental illness- Szasz, Road to serfdom- Hayek, Theory of capitalism and socialism- Hoppe

  3. GeF

    bricks of wisdom

  4. juliansfree

    Does Norms of Liberty cover Ayn Rand’s thoughts?

  5. Anonymous

    A decent list, but am really disappointed there’s no Rothbard on this list! For those of you who want a better list of books on Libertarianism, I recommend looking at this list:

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