The Gumbo Recipe that Works for Everybody | Off the Clock Economist

Off the Clock Economist Dan D’Amico is still going strong in his pursuit to know all there is to know about New Orleans. Join him as he learns how to make gumbo, the signature dish of the Big Easy. This delicious food will get him thinking too, so sit tight as he delves into topics like spontaneous order, social capital, and America’s melting pot. How do all these things relate? What do they all have to do with gumbo? How does that tie into NOLA? Keep watching and find out – no matter what, you will learn how to make some fantastic food.

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  1. Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin

    My turned out to look like what happens when you don’t cook ever 

  2. Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin

    I don’t cook…

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