The Game of Thrones Must Be Stopped

Why is Game of Thrones so violent? Economist and GoT superfan Matt McCaffrey contends that bloodshed and corruption are to be expected in a society like Westeros, which can also teach us about the use of power in our own world. Using insights from economics and political science, he argues that the only way to win the game of thrones is not to play.


  1. mcmankind

    I really enjoy how you relate the world political struggle the power struggle for the iron throne in game of thrones I really looking forward to the course To start

  2. eguzmanchavis

    we need to start questioning where things come from

  3. bbeilman

    Hmm, this seems a bit contradicting. You find it brilliant yet pointless? I just finished a reread of the series and felt that every battle, sacrifice, assassination, mutilation, etc. was used to paint firstly, a medieval world. I found him to be masterful at breaking character’s down which allows them the opportunity to show their true colors e.g Theon Greyjoy. The world is filled with bitter enmities built over generations around every corner that play out when we least expect it.

    If this works out, hopefully will be interested in starting a class on the Theory of Symbolism and Prophecy used in ASOIAF. I believe its effects on the conscience of humanity will be even more evident as the books progress.

  4. cwtolbert

    Very cool idea. I found Learn Liberty through vids of Milton Friedman. I love Game of Thrones. Putting them together!? I’m in.

  5. beckyythomas

    Never thought that Game of Thrones and our country’s politics could be compared.

  6. Brittanie Dudley


  7. webber.kelly

    The irony of it all 

  8. littledeaths

    I agree with what this say’s however history ebbs and flows between despots and anarchy… people rule when man kind has been free for so long they forget to guard it.

  9. asexymind

    de-fang the snake – defund DC. The ultimate public choice.

  10. RastaJoe

    Haha, never considered that.

  11. Lukas Koube

    yup, all of Westerose would be better off if they ended the game of thrones.

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