The Cost of Lockdowns with Prof. Antony Davies (360 Video)

Antony Davies,

Release Date
April 28, 2021



As COVID-19 began raging, people all throughout the world spent tremendous effort thinking about how fast the virus might spread, how mass infections would strain our hospitals, and how many of us might die. Politicians and experts told us that if we did nothing, COVID-19 would kill millions.

In this video, Prof. Antony Davies, from Duquesne University, explains the cost of lockdowns in the United States, both in terms of economic and human life loss. The Congressional Budget Office claims that the cost of shutting down the economy in addition to approved relief packages is around 15 trillion US dollars. But when we think of this gigantic figure and contrast it with the estimated number of deaths caused by COVID-19, we have to ask ourselves: was this the best use of funds?

You will see and feel how all of these numbers and arguments translate into reality in this exclusive and interactive 360° video.