Star Wars Conspiracy: Behind the History

Amy H. Sturgis,

Release Date
January 22, 2016



Are you a huge Star Wars Fan? Did you know the conspiracy behind the story of Star Wars? Check out Professor Amy Sturgis revealing the historical meaning behind these iconic films.

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>> One of the historical inspirations for the Jedi order and for their evil sibling, the Sith, is the samurai order from Japan. So, its fitting the Dark Vader’s helmet looks the way it does. Because that was taken from traditional samurai helmets. So the Knights Templar were also one of the historical inspirations behind the Jedi.
The Knights Templar claimed that they were fighting on two different planes. They were fighting here on the Earth, but they were also fighting on the spiritual plane in the same way that the Jedi were engaged not only in fighting for peace, but also fighting against the pull for the darkside.
Remember how Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66 to get rid of the Jedi? The Knights Templar experience the same sort of thing in France. King Philip IV saw that he would benefit from taking their stuff and also from taking away a source of independent power that could eventually threaten his own throne.
So he issued an arrest warrant for all of the Knights Templar in France and also engaged in a smear campaign against them so that the people would not rally behind them but would accept the fact that he had essentially wiped them out. To learn more about a galaxy far, far away and how it applies to our world, the videos you are looking for, these are.