Spiked Magazine Panel – "Is the Left Eating Itself?"

Sp!ked Magazine,

Release Date
November 27, 2017


Free Speech Politics & Policy

Is “the Left” eating itself? Watch the Unsafe Space Tour panel discussion at New York Law School, featuring Professors Bret Weinstein, Laura Kipnis, Angus Johnston, and author Brendan O’Neill. Moderated by Tom Slater (of Spiked Magazine).

  1. Shaming Someone Doesn’t Change Their Mind (video): Learn Liberty breaks down the science of persuasion, citing the work of Alana Conner, cultural scientist as Stanford University.
  2. Making Sense Of “Trumpism” (video): In a conversation with Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, Prof. Steve Davies describes his view of the importance of identity politics in the rise of “Trumpism” in the U.S. and nationalist politics throughout Europe.
  3. The Defense of Liberty Can’t Do Without Identity Politics (article): In an article for the Niskanen Center, Prof. Jacob T. Levy of McGill University makes a case for why “we should criticize identity politics when it goes wrong, as it often does in moments of symbolic, cultural, and campus politics,” but also recognize its importance in mobilizing those who unjustly suffer oppression under state power.

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