Should Collegiate Athletes Be Paid?


In this video, Professor Peter Jaworski tackles the issue of paying NCAA players. In an $875 million industry where coaches’ salaries are measured in the millions, is there a good justification for compensating student athletes only in scholarships? Jaworski examines the NCAA’s arguments, and presents his own. What do you think–should college athletes be paid?


  1. Grady Flanagan

    YOu can’t pay them all. Only a handful of universities actually turn a profit on their athletic programs. What do the others do? They should, however, be allowed to make money from their person.

  2. Autumn Reed

    I agree with Prof. Jaworski, college athletes should be paid. It doesn’t have to be millions, but they should get a cut of the merchandise sold during the years that they play and all should receive at a small scholarship.

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