Sexonomics: What Not To Do on Tinder [Teaser]

Dating can be tricky. With all this new technology, how can you pick the right person from the thousands of options? How can you stand out with so much competition?
Luckily, economics has the answer. By learning about how people make decisions, you yourself can make better decisions and show potential dates that you’re a keeper–not a creeper. So join the new Learn Liberty Academy program on the economics of dating and learn how to use economics to land the date of your dreams.


  1. maira12

    Cool way to introduce economics. Very interesting that it can be applied to everyday decisions and decisions regarding the dating life. I agree with the concept about what day of the week your date wants to see you shows how much they like you. Everyone has a value for their time, so it only makes sense that hanging out with people who a higher priority will be spent during the most valuable times of the week or day. Same goes for hanging out with people who are less priority, time spent would most likely be during days and times of the week that are less valuable.

  2. diamond_max

    Signaling. Mmmmm…

  3. diamond_max

    Divorce rates would drop if only economics was incorporated more. Duh..

  4. David Cohen

    Really creative way to pull in more students to learn economics.  I had a bad economics teacher in high school and didn’t think much of it.  But in college the professor was engaging and using examples like this to make it so interesting that I ended up minoring in economics.

  5. Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin

    I used tinder, didn’t like it 

  6. Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin

    I just got it again and it’s still terrible

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