Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism, Part 1: Introduction

What is “classical liberalism?” Many people say they’re a classical liberal – or “libertarian” – but that means different things to different people. Libertarians agree that the government should be limited, but disagree why.

In this seven part video series, Dr. Nigel Ashford explores five different schools of thought within the Classical Liberal tradition:

  1. The Chicago School
  2. Public Choice
  3. The Austrian School
  4. Natural Rights
  5. Anarcho-Capitalism

Dr. Ashford takes a close look at the fundamental beliefs of these five schools of thought, exploring how they are similar, and how they are different.

Throughout the series, Dr. Ashford challenges you to think critically and humbly about your own beliefs. What do you believe? What do you think the role of the government should be, and why? What is your philosophy about government? Are you a classical liberal, or something else? Dr. Ashford hopes you will approach these questions with humility, and draw your own conclusions.


  1. Alex Moscoso

    nice, i’m excited for the next parts

  2. RastaJoe

    I didn’t realize all of these different positions!

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