Rise of the Mockingjay: From Ferguson to Hong Kong

In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen becomes the Mockingjay–a symbol of hope and rebellion for the people of Panem. In today’s world, where new technology enables government surveillance and censorship, citizens are able to fight back by using that same technology to organize and rebel against abuse of power. Both in the fictional dystopia of the Hunger Games and the real, near-dystopian rights violations faced by people across the world today, the ideas of freedom catch fire, spreading faster than governments can stamp them out.


  1. diamond_max

    I saw Mockingjay Part I today!

  2. Lukas Koube

    Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree?
    They strung up a man
    They say who murdered three.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met at midnight
    In the hanging tree.

  3. anarchyseeds

    Great movie but I hate how they broke up the final book! It felt like such a half-story… 

    I guess I have to see the next one. 

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