Prosthetic Limbs: 3D Printers Making Superhero Hands for Children

3D printers have paved the way for digital humanitarians. Now volunteers can make Superhero Hands for children all over the world. Watch more Learn Liberty videos on the frontiers of health care technology, policy, and entrepreneurship.

Volunteers around the world are designing and 3D printing “superhero” hands for kids with limb differences or missing fingers.

The hands are free. The designs are crowdsourced. And they’re often customized to match the individual kids’ favorite superheroes.

It all works without any central plan or grand government program. This is an inspiring story of spontaneous order at its best.

Could this open-source approach to medicine, done online and unregulated by governments, create innovation in other sectors of health care?

To give or receive help with hands, go to e-NABLE’s website:



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