Property Rights in the 21st Century

Timothy Sandefur, Principal Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, discusses how the evolution of law in the United States has affected our property rights.  Beginning with discussions of the founding fathers, Timothy describes how our rights, especially property rights, have eroded as a consequence of progressive ideas and judges.  To reverse this cycle, Timothy states that we must strengthen the philosophical arguments of private property rights.


  1. taschrant

    Private property must be emphasized and respected in order for the U.S. to be a greater country as the Founding Fathers believed.

  2. Jaysuf

    No surprise progressives would want to undermine the Judicial branch and our separation of powers in order to "remodel" or really to violate our rights. This is still going on today, the democratic party admits their philosophy is modeled after the early 1900 progressives. 

  3. Lukas Koube

    i have a small quibble with one point: Hobbes is describing reality. it isnt that nothing is wrong if a cop is not present, but that nothing can enforce the law if a cop is not there. this doesnt mean people should steal, only that nothing can stop them if they decide to. i think libertarians should be more kind to Hobbes…he may say he wants an absolute dictator, but he  was writing at a time where even advocating democracy could make you guilty of treason…and his views on god already made him suspect.

  4. Lukas Koube

    i really do think Hobbes can be rescued if his critique of humanity is kept as is, and the solution, the leviathan, is instead taken as defensive institutions. he was writing in a time where that had to mean “the state” but today it could be defense companies.

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