This Professor Slays Zombies with Economics (and Guns)

Presumably you’ve already made plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse. You have detailed escape routes, stockpiled weapons made for killing zombies, stores of food . . . or at least plans for these things. But have you thought through the important economic factors that might make the difference between surviving and losing your brain to one of the walking dead? If uncertainty about how market prices and currency changes might affect your odds in a zombie-dominated society has been keeping you up at night, fear not. In this video, Prof. Antony Davies provides a crash course in how a zombie apocalypse is likely to affect the economy. Hint: sell your designer shoes now while you can. And buy bullets.


  1. KaseyKesha

    fake comment

  2. Anonymous

    This guy is pure genius!

  3. Matt Wavle

    I’ll never watch another episode of the Walking Dead on Netflix without considering the price changes of essential items. "the price of designer shoes drop and combat boots go way up." I guess that makes sense.

  4. Andrei-Claudiu Roibu

    If you can’t make money during a war, than you’re not a "good" business man. What about a zombie Apocalypse? How would the markets and prices fluctuate during such an event? Hmm… 

  5. mikeknightofdawn

    It would be interesting to have several currencies emerge out of necessity. Metals and ammunition. What would be the standard round of choice? Or would 12 ga, 5.56, and 9mm all be worth the same?

    Thanks Prof. Davies for your creativity in bringing some fun into economics.

  6. A.j. Olding

    Best thing I’ve ever watched. Antony Davies, I absolutely love the content you put out.

  7. juliansfree

    Now I can think of anything in terms of economics.

  8. Hunter Markson

    They should make this into a video game

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