Off the clock, this Prof parties in New Orleans. Check it out!

New Orleans, the one and only! So much culture, so many parties, so many parades, so much food, and so much more. Where does it all come from? How did it survive the destruction brought on by Hurricane Katrina? Join Off the Clock Economist Dan D’Amico as he punches out from Loyola University to tramp around the Big Easy. Get ready to discover:

– The social capital behind booking a local band
– How spontaneous order makes Mardi Gras even more fun
– Why cultural economics matters when you’re at the bar

So follow the tattooed guy as he learns about the enduring social ties and financial logic of brass bands, legendary watering holes, and enticing parades.


  1. andrei.roibu

    Sounds like a very interesting program. I think I’ll join. 

  2. Lukas Koube

    yup, it was a great series of videos.

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