NSA Debate: Is Privacy the Price of Security? [Teaser]

Cindy Cohn, Ronald Sievert,

Release Date
July 2, 2015


Civil Liberties

Does NSA surveillance go too far? What is the right balance between homeland security and privacy protection? What are the true costs to our freedom and personal liberties? These are the controversial questions at the core of the biggest challenge to our sense of privacy in the 21st Century.
This video is just a preview of the full debate—watch the full video to see Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Ronald Sievert of Texas A&M University tackle these questions and more. Discussing issues from whether government data collection has made us safer to whether this type of surveillance is even allowed by the U.S. Constitution, they will try to answer the question: is privacy the price of security?

NSA Surveillance Debate: Cindy Cohn vs Ronald Sievert (video): Watch the full debate—should we be worried about NSA surveillance?
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Cindy:       Privacy isn’t about the absolute amount of information that you share with the world. It’s about control. It’s about your power.
Ronald:            Have you been stopped from saying what you think because of the NSA head really? Has your freedom really been infringed?
Cindy:       I think we should just be clear on the facts.
Ronald:            He didn’t overstate the number of attacks, just saying he overstated it in regards to one program.
Cindy:       I mean, look, I can pull up the testimony and …
Ronald:            Yeah.
Speaker 3:       Ronald, you can see that point.
Ronald:            No, of course not.
Speaker 3:       Today’s topic is the NSA, and what is the appropriate trade-off between privacy and security.