How to Make a Criminal Cocktail | Off the Clock Economist Explores

With a social-capital-inducing King Cake in tow, Off the Clock Economist Dan D’Amico heads out to a backyard bar. Discover how to make a New Orleans Sazerac, which many say was the very first cocktail ever invented. Why? Keep watching to learn how the criminalization of alcohol in the United States forever changed the way we consume liquor. There is no tastier way to figure out how social capital, unintended consequences, and government intervention helped the Big Easy create this famous drink – and don’t worry, the recipe is in the video too!

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  1. AnCapDalek

    that liiks like a awesome cocktail!!!

  2. andrei.roibu

    Free trade = Better Alcohol. I know it might be a little weird, but, as this video shows, freedom of trade allows people to get better products and have a good time. Moreover, the lack of regulations, and strengthen social ties by allowing local traditions to flourish bring people together. 

  3. Lukas Koube

    these videos were cute…but the guy making the drink didnt seem that interested….he was cool, but i think he was just agreeing with what the prof said!

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