How Eating Babies Strengthens New Orleans | Off the Clock Economist Explains

Off the Clock Economist Dan D’Amico is at it again exploring Louisiana and the culture of Mardi Gras. This time he will explain the social capital behind eating the babies that are placed in each “King Cake” made in New Orleans. Join him as he gets to the bottom of it at the Swiss Confectionary Bakery on St. Charles Avenue. Thought you couldn’t learn about social theory from a tattooed man wandering around the Big Easy? Think again.


  1. mackenzietanquary

    When I first saw this title I was very confused!!

  2. russellherbst

    human action! nice!

  3. mikeknightofdawn

    The idea of social capital, and many of its implications brought to us by baby pastries! Excellent work weaving economic ideas into an entertaining and enlightening four minutes.

  4. andrei.roibu

    I reckon that social capital can be applied to each region, with it’s own customs and traditions. Local cultures can have their own advantages, and that is why a large degree of liberty must be awarded to each community, so that they can thrive in their own individual way. 

  5. Anonymous

    When first viewing this video I expected a real baby, or at least parts of a fetus to be in the cake. I was relieved to see that it’s only plastic. However, this does raise some health and safety concerns. Is it possible to choke on the baby? Is the plastic toxic? Maybe we should have a government bureau regulate King Cake. Please excuse the sarcasm.

  6. eguzmanchavis

    king cake seems to be an easy way for social capital. it is used to get to know strangers and create relationships.

  7. RastaJoe

    Isn’t there a similar hispanic tradition at christmas time in which Baby Jesus is used?

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