Free Speech Includes Religious Satire (Mohammed Cartoons and All)

Flemming Rose,

Release Date
March 27, 2017


Free Speech

Flemming Rose shares his vision of an inclusive society with free speech and religious satire for all. This is why he published the “Danish Mohammed Cartoons.” Watch the full interview 

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Flemming Rose:
I think Islam and Muslims have to accept the same kind of treatment as everybody else in our society. In that sense, usually I make a little bit of a joke, but still it’s serious when I say that the publications of those cartoons, was in fact an integration project, in the sense that we were integrating Muslims in Denmark into a tradition of religious satire and that by we were saying to Muslims we do not expect more of you, we do not expect less of you, but we expect of you exactly the same as we do of every other group and individual in Denmark. Therein lies an act of recognition. We’re saying that you are not foreigners, you’re not outsiders. You are part of society.
Dave Rubin:
Yeah. Right. We’ve welcomed you to our society, but you have to be part of our society, not a separate part. Do you think that-
Flemming Rose:
And you actually … You have to play by the same rules. Free speech, we do have free speech, and it applies the right to criticize and ridicule religion.